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Hello everybody~

welcome to my dreamwidth ♥
I came from LJ to create here a new community.

I love V6 (you can see it in my account name) and all Johnny's groups (^^♪
I'm a V6 fan since 2000 ♥^^♥

If you want to follow me, please leave a comment here with a short introducing~~
(or tell where I know you from LJ XD)

これから( `・∀・´)ノヨロシク ♥

P.S.: You can find the most regular V6 TV shows (Asaichi, Amajipang, One Dish, Shutsubotsu! Admatic Tengoku, Yojigoji Days) on my clubbox. It's (clubbox-) member looked, but you just have to join my box. Please do NOT share or reupload the videos anywhere else!! Recently http://clubbox.co.kr/lemongo and http://clubbox.co.kr/19951101 reuploaded my files ><;;;
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I was shopping yesterday ~♥ New scans will come on next Saturday ☆

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Hi guys,
I want to give away TV Station and TV Guide clippings for free, because I have too many clippings.
The clippings are from 2010-2016 and beside SMAP, Kinki Kids, Kanjani8 and of course V6, all other Johnny's groups are still available.
A few old clippings can you find at my LJ sale post [here]
Please tell me from which year and which group you want the clippings =)

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Dear guys~

fuji.tv stopped working for me. But I'm happy, that https://www.ani-box.com works again ^^
So I'll record "HareFarm" today from there. The quality there is not so good... but better then nothing =)

I will upload "HareFarm" later on [community profile] musicforthepeople  >^0^<


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